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About Us

Arms of the Promise (AOTP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that would like to be able to do more for our communities in the Raleigh-Durham-Triangle area that are less fortunate.  The inspiration behind AOTP is to reach out to the youth of today and teach by example environmental change for a better tomorrow.  This organization will reach into the community and select leaders that can inspire and execute change.  Our leaders will work closely with family of at risk youth in the community to create innovative programs and activities that will allow the youth to share their experiences amongst one another to invest in the community.  These activities will broaden the horizon of our youth and allow them to walk into their full potential without limits and boundaries.  AOTP will not only be limited by our communities reach but visions to plant seeds throughout the country.  To inspire a contagious change the link throughout the world.


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and provoke change in the following areas...


  • Help Stop Community Violence involving our youth - We want to encourage youth to think about other alternatives to resolve conflicts without violence.


  • We want to stand in the gap to help with mentoring kids where parents are absent or in need of additional morale support - We realize that many of our youth are suffering the absence of a positive male role model in their families.


  • Create a vision for dying communities - We want to encourage youth to take ownership and pride in their communities. At AOTP we promote education as a means to improve and propel ones self out of what seems like hopeless situations.  

"Circumstances WILL NOT HALT our progress"

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the youth by encouraging them to expand their minds to reach their full potential through intellect and the pursuit of excellence. 



Promote healthy environments physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotional health. To help with crime prevention, give work force experience and lead a positive life experience by example.



AOTP will create and facilitate programs to target such as tutoring, primary school acceleration, college applications, interviewing skills, job shadowing, and achieving work experience.


We Need Your Support Today!

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